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Tintex have a range of Commercial Window films applied to existing glazing to enhance and improve your business or workplace. From removing excessive summer heat that can reduce employee productivity to stopping glare, one of the causes of eyestrain and accidents in the workplace. Shop window displays can be protected from damage caused by sunlight and smashed glass.

Window films can also be installed to create visual security to protect data and company assets. Glazing should also comply to workplace regulations with window film this can be achieved without removing existing glass. Along with solving issues with glass failure like nickel sulphide inclusions in areas like overhead glazing.

CGive your workplace a bespoke fresh look with decorative, stunning printed film graphics, and give your work a buzz to make everyone feel the ‘wow' factor. Tintex window film can provide many solutions and can if required change the aesthetics to your premises glazing.


  • Solar heat reflectionDuring summer months, solar heat gain adds to the thermal load of a building. Tintex window films can reduce this heat gain by up to 82% creating a far more comfortable and productive working environment for your employees. Solar control window film provides instant benefits and is perfect for businesses who care about both employees and the environment. Power, air cooling and heating costs have risen substantially over the past few years in the commercial building environment along with the need to reduce carbon footprints.Effective use of window film can significantly lower the load on cooling and heating systems so saving energy, reducing carbon and providing return on investment. From mirrored, subtle neutral tones to even colourless, there is a film for your premises.
  • Reduces glareWere you aware that the sun can reduce productivity in your workplace? Tintex window films can reduce solar glare by up to 95% creating more comfortable, productive working environments for you and your staff. Workplace display screens and monitors reflections are a hidden productivity killer, as users/operators squint and try to see their screen, causing headaches and tiredness. Both in the office and production areas.Glare control window film can instantly improve the working environment and allows everyone to continue enjoying the view while being efficient at their desks or workstation. Employees will no longer feel closed in with the blinds drawn whilst at work, losing contact with the outside world and weather.
  • Protects against fadingWith many shop fronts, educational facilities and workplace receptions one of the major issues can be fading of objects due to the sun’s rays, resulting in fade damage.Tintex protective window films significantly reduce fading by rejecting up to 99.9% of harmful UV rays and 95% of infra-red heat.Installing these films to your existing glass will reduce fading so saving the cost, time, and hassle of constantly changing the display. Keeping the colours of brighter and fresh.
  • Increases privacyHow can you stop others visually looking at your assets and data? If others or even your competitors can get close to your windows or you have lots of passers-by past your glazed office partitions, then you have several potential issues. Employees will be distracted and feel like they are in a goldfish bowl. ‘Would-be-criminals’ could be eyeing up their next target. More importantly than this you could be breaching the General Data Protection Regulations.Privacy window film is an ideal solution to stop prying eyes, instantly protecting your business, and allowing the team to focus on their work rather than being distracted by passers-by. Tintex range of privacy films are available in one-way mirror, dark tint, and frosted options.
  • Glass safety in the workplace and legislationUK Building Regulations require large uninterrupted areas of transparent glazing to be appropriately marked as such. A solution to achieve this is with permanent manifestation window graphics which may take the form of broken or solid lines, pattern or company logos installed at the recommend heights and intervals.The Workplace (Health, Safety and Welfare) Act (1992) Regulation 14 states that “every window or other transparent or translucent surface in a wall, partition, door or gate should, where necessary for reasons of health or safety, be of a safety material or be protected against breakage; and be appropriately marked or incorporate features to make it apparent.”Tintex safety window films are certified to BS EN12600 and can upgrade existing glazing to the appropriate standards in accordance with this legislation. Tintex can survey and recommend how the workplace needs to proceed. To ensure that your risk and critical glazing is compliant.Nickel Sulphide Inclusion is a naturally occurring phenomenon in glass. Impurities can still be contained in the glass pane after its manufacture and toughening processes. Small particles of Nickel Sulphide can still be present in the glass at installation. Installing Tintex Safety window film with our certified anchorage system can offer a cost-effective solution to prevent glass falling from locations like overhead glazing. Protect before not after an event.
  • Image and design makeoversBespoke window films and graphics enhance the appearance of your external windows or internal glazed areas. Simply add the company logo to your main entrance doors; your mission statement to the reception wall; mood-enhancing designs to your internal partition screens. The options are unlimited.Tintex decorative window film is available in a range of colours, textures and patterns that are sure to boost your brand. We can even design something unique for you to give your workplace that ‘wow’ factor. Everyone who visits your workplace will notice the fresh new makeover achieved by installing graphics and film to the existing glazing.


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