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Tintex car window tinting in Portsmouthtintex car window tinting services.

Car window tinting in Hampshire

Benefits of window tinting:

UV Protection
Glare Reduction
Temperature Control
Fuel Saving
Shatter Protection
Driver Fatigue

Benefits of auto window tinting Portsmouthtintex

We only use the finest materials: Excellent optical qualities and clarity.
We work smartly and efficiently so we can offer the best prices.
Comfortable customer experience at our workshop.
Life-time guarantee.
Over 20 years of experience – we will offer friendly, honest advice.
Certified and accredited by UK trade and industry office.
All car models and makes catered for.
Flexible packages, best offers and unmissable deals
History of tintingScience of tintingApplicationLegal
Invented in the 1960’s, the benefits of automotive window tinting were immediately obvious. Originally made from polyester, there are now thousands of different brands and materials from companies around the world.
The darkness of the tint is measured as VLT – Visible Light Transmission . Light is polarized as it passes through the thin film and, depending on the VLT percentage of the tint, it’s intensity and energy is reduced. Other characteristics are the ability to completely absorb UV light and to minimize optical distortion by having good refractive qualities.
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Although the MOT does not test for the darkness of your windows, you can be stopped by the Police and prosecuted if your windscreen or side windows are too dark for UK regulations. Tintex car window tinting in Hampshiretintex will always keep you on the right side of the law.